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Audiology Associates of Westchester at Burke Rehabilitation Center

Westchester’s Caring Hearing Health Professionals

Are you missing…

The sweet sounds that make your heart sing?

Audible alerts that affect your safety?

Conversation details at work, home, or socially?

If your hearing is less than crystal clear, you’re not alone: hearing loss is surprisingly common at all ages. Fortunately, there are excellent options available to improve and manage every type of hearing impairment. You’ve come to the right place.

A Warm Welcome to Our Practice

We are a private practice of dedicated hearing health experts located at the renowned Burke Rehabilitation Center in in Westchester. Our highly credentialed audiologists hold advanced degrees, are board certified, and state licensed. We pride ourselves on our outstanding medical expertise and our compassionate understanding of how hearing loss affects patients and everyone in their lives.

Technology tuned to your needs

Staying abreast of the latest clinical technologies keeps us at the cutting edge of diagnostic testing, evaluation, and hearing instrument options. We observe. We assess. And we educate our patients about the degree, type and effect of their particular hearing loss to arrive at the most appropriate treatment plan.

Please look around…

Our practice offers solutions for hearing-related issues that affect young and old alike — from small to significant losses, vertigo to tinnitus to protection for swimmers and musicians. Call for an appointment today to talk about your concerns. Because what you hear is how you live.

Audiology Associates of Westchester at Burke Rehabilitation Center. Previously Known As —Solomon-Shotland Audiology & Hearing Care Associates, LLC, Same Caring Staff, Same Ownership

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Audiology Associates of Westchester
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