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I have trouble understanding what people are saying.I often ask people to repeat themselves.I have trouble understanding conversations when there is background noise, for example, at a restaurant or in a busy workplace.I avoid social situations because I have trouble following the conversation.I turn up the TV and radio to levels that others tell me is loud.I often have ringing in my ears.I hear in one ear better than the other.I’ve been told that I have a hearing problem.


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"Julie O’shea is wonderful to work with, caring and competent. I now have hearing aids that work very well for me. The support team has also been very pleasant to interact with. I highly recommend them."

S. Grubel, patient

“The commitment to quality service, attention to detail, and tireless dedication of the entire staff to the best interests of our family have made us lifelong clients. We highly recommend them to everyone we know who needs the care of an audiology practice.”

The Bradleys, patients

“The care and service at Audiology Associates has been extraordinary. I believe that I have the best hearing I can have because of her caring, skill and knowledge.”

N.B., patient

"I live each day free from the bother of Tinnitus, I have my life back. Visit Dr. Julie and she can help you determine which treatment is for you. You will not be sorry."

K. Grimsland, patient

“I highly recommend Audiology Associates because a very patient caring staff member there has helped me over the last several months with adjusting to my hearing aids. I now hear sounds that I missed before and it’s been wonderful.”

E. Seberg, patient